Disposal station for rinsing water from two galvanic lines

The neutralization station is intended for disposal of waste water from two galvanic lines. Alkaline-acid rinse water and rinse water containing complexes are disposed of. Liquidation of concentrates is handled externally in this project. The station is designed for a maximum output of 5m3/h. Rinse water is collected in storage tanks according to the nature of the solution. Alkaline-acidic waters are pumped into a three-stage flow reactor. Treated water flows into a lamellar sedimentation tank, where impurities are sedimented. Purified water is collected and then purified using a sand filter, an activated carbon filter and two columns with selective ionex, which capture heavy metals. The purified water is pumped into the control tank. Water containing complexes is pumped into the shutdown reactor. Treated waters are pumped into the settling tank after adjusting the parameters. De-sedimented water is discharged into a storage tank. Final cleaning takes place with a sand filter. The purified water is pumped into the control tank Cleaned water is collected in a control tank, where the parameters are checked before being discharged into the sewage system. The sludge from the lamellar settling tank and the settling tank is filtered by a sludge press for the appropriate sludge character.