Final wastewater treatment station

Equipment used for the final purification of water after neutralization in the disposal station. Mechanical impurities, heavy metals and other substances are removed before discharge into the sewer or reuse in the galvanic process. Final cleaning is used to eliminate impurities in the water discharged into the sewage system. The system concept can be made up of various device parameters. Column sizes are chosen depending on the required flow of purified water. A duplex system can be chosen, where there are two columns of selective ionex that alternate in operation. While one is active and the other is regenerated. This ensures a continuous process. The system can be created in a manual version, where the operator adjusts the valves according to the required work step, or an automatic system can be used, which performs all valve adjustment according to the control system. In some cases, a combination of these systems can be chosen, creating a semi-automatic system. The final cleaning then begins in the sand filter, where the water is freed of mechanical impurities that could not be separated in the previous process steps. Next, the water enters a filter with active carbon, where organic substances are removed. The final stage is water purification on selective ionex, where heavy metals are captured. Columns with individual fillings are always cleaned and regenerated according to the nature of the filling. This maintains their functionality and extends their lifespan.