A specialist in surface treatment not only in the field of aviation

We solve projects comprehensively

We take care of everything – from the design of technology units, to their delivery, professional installation and commissioning, including technical support and customer service.
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We have many years of experience

We supply galvanic lines and other equipment to leading air manufacturers. We are true experts with established practice.
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We work with advanced technologies

Our technical personnel can use the latest technology and meet all requirements in the field of surface treatment. For example, NADCAP international quality requirements.
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What we doing?

  1. We will listen to you

    Tell us your requirements, objectives, opportunities and concerns. Only you are the expert on what you really need.

  2. We propose possible solutions

    Based on your input, we prepare a technical design of the project so that its solution meets the demands. If necessary, we will also participate in the formation of new technological processes or design related construction adjustments for the installation of technological equipment.

  3. We can modify the solution according to your needs

    We will discuss the project proposal with you at joint meetings and modify it together so that it truly complies with all that is necessary.

  4. We will prepare design and production documentation

    You receive the technical drawings, descriptions of technological processes, equipment operating instructions and other text portions of the project in printed and electronic form in the required number of copies.

  5. We deliver technological systems and equipment

    According to the developed project we will prepare a production line or other facilities that we will deliver to the destination on the agreed date.

  6. We will take care of professional installation

    Our technicians professionally install a production line or equipment directly in the premises in which it will be operated.

  7. We will commission the equipment and train the staff

    After completing installation, our personnel connects it, test its functionality and also will train your personnel in the use and maintenance of the technology.

  8. We stay in contact with you

    During the warranty period, we will continually communicate with you. If necessary, we provide warranty repair or other expert consultations.

  9. We also arrange after warranty service and equipment modernization

    After the warranty period, we will still be available for you, whether in warranty repairs or for the need of additional modifications to the technological unit.