About company

ESA Plating s.r.o. utilizes the many years of experience of its professional staff in the implementation of final deliveries of galvanic technology not only in the territory of the Russian Federation.

About company | ESA plating

We specialize primarily in supplying technologically intensive sectors of the engineering industry. Our priority is the aerospace industry and its related sectors. We utilize our knowledge of air regulations and standards relating to surface treatment, both in the regulations that pertain to aviation manufacturers in Europe and overseas, as well as the requirements of Russian aircraft manufacturers.

We place high demands on the technical level and quality of parts produced on the galvanic technology of ESA plating s.r.o. In this way we constantly ensure that they are among the most cutting-edge equipment in the industry. We also use this knowledge in the application of supply outside the aviation sector and at a technical level according to specific customer needs.

As a design company, we also participated in a series of deliveries of galvanic equipment in the territory of the Czech Republic, especially in collaboration with KF NOVODUR.

The advantages of ESA plating s.r.o. on the market of the Russian Federation

  • Perfect knowledge of the environment,
  • Knowledge of the technical and technological specificities and differences of foreign partners compared to EU standards and their application to the supplied equipment (Разрешение Ростехнадзора на работу на территории РФ оборудования Сертификаты соответствия техническому регламенту, Таможенного союза-ГОСТ-Р, ГОСТ ТР-, etc.),
  • Orientation in the legislation associated with the respective field in the specific territory,
  • Established cooperation with leading Russian importers of engineering equipment as well as technologies and the use of their wide business networks and representation.