Supply program

We supply technology for galvanic and chemical lines for the surface treatment of steel parts and parts made of ferrous metals: - Galvanizing lines for electrolytic processes of zinc and nickel plating, chrome plating, cadmium plating, copper plating, tin plating, etc. - Galvanic lines for electrolytic application of alloy coatings of zinc-nickel, zinc-iron, tin-bismuth, etc. - Lines for the chemical application of nickel and copper. - Lines for the chemical oxidation of steel, phosphating and pickling. - Galvanic lines for the anodic and chemical oxidation of aluminum - Supplies of special lines for the pre-treatment of the surfaces. - Chemical and electrochemical degreasing. - In-process surface treatment (phosphating, passivation, oiling). - Pre-treatment of the surface of the parts before the non-destructive tests (NDT, FPI). - Sets of equipment for the disposal of waste water from galvanic and chemical plants. - Sets of equipment for cleaning and returning the treated rinse waters from galvanic operations.

 Supply program | ESA plating

Galvanic and chemical lines are addressed in the following levels of automation:

  • Fully automatic lines for the treatment of parts on hinges, in baskets or in drums. The manipulators are controlled by Siemens.
  • Mechanized lines in the securing of transport of goods using manipulators operated by the operator of the line.
  • Sets of galvanic or chemical process technological equipment with the manual transfer of goods between different positions.
 Supply program | ESA plating